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Golf Course Rules & Regulations


  • All golfers must register in the golf shop prior to beginning play.
  • All guests must be registered in the golf shop by the sponsoring member prior to beginning play.
  • USGA rules, except as modified by local rules, shall govern play.
  • Each year the Golf Committee shall prepare and distribute a schedule of golf events.
  • Golf Shop

    All Golf Activity is directed through the Golf Shop. Please call one of the staff members if you have any questions pertaining to these activities or if you have encountered any inconveniences within our program. Golf shop phone numbers are 336-869-2416 (Willow Creek), 336-882-4312 (Emerywood).

    Golf Shop Hours:

    Season - Willow Creek

      Weekday 8:00AM - 7:00 PM
      Weekend 7:30 AM - 7:00 PM

    Season - Emerywood

      Weekday 8:30 AM - 7:00 PM
      Weekend 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM

    Off-Season - Willow Creek

      Weekday 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM
      Weekend 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

    Off-Season - Emerywood

      Weekday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
      Weekend 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    The Golf shop at Willow Creek is closed on Mondays year round. The Emerywood Golf Shop is Closed on Tuesday each week during the Golf Season of March 15th - Thanksgiving weekend. The Emerywood Golf Shop will be open on Friday-Sunday during the off season.
    *These hours may be adjusted due to inclement weather conditions.

    A full line of seasonal and stylish wearing apparel as well as the latest in golf equipment and accessories are available in the golf pro shops for your shopping convenience. This merchandise may be purchased by VISA, Master Charge, American Express or charged to your club account.

    Starting Times

    Starting times are requested at Willow Creek. They begin at 8:00 AM June 1 – August 31. 8:30 AM starting times run from September 1 – November 15 & from March 15 – May 31. 9:00 AM starting times run from November 16 – March 14. Starting times are encouraged at Emerywood on the weekend and begin at 8:30 AM May 1 – October 31 and 9:00 AM November 1 – April 30. Starting times may be made in advance either in person, by e-mail or by telephone. All members will be treated equally in making starting times.

    If the beginning of play is delayed, play will commence in the same order as originally scheduled. At the golf professionals’ discretion, all starting times may be canceled and a shotgun start scheduled to accommodate the most players in the time available.

    Willow Creek

    Open on Tuesday – Sunday for Member Play throughout the year. Junior Golfers are allowed to play at the discretion of the Golf Professional anytime. For Junior Golfers who have not reached their playing ability to be on their own, parents are asked to play along with them during approved times. Ladies Day is Tuesday of each week and Senior Day is on Wednesday. Walking is allowed during the off season (November 1st – March 31st) at the discretion of the Golf Professional on any day.

    Walking is permitted on the weekends and holidays after 11:00 AM during the months of April, May, September and October. Walking is allowed on the weekends and holidays after 1:00 during the golfing season months of June through August. Push Carts are provided by HPCC for rental during walking times and are the only Push Carts allowed on the Willow Creek Course.


    The Golf Shop is open on Monday, Wednesday-Sunday for member play throughout the year. The golf shop is located near the tennis courts and carries merchandise for your golfing needs. During the winter months, golf shop hours may be affected due to weather conditions.

    Pace of Play

  • All groups are encouraged to complete an 18 Hole round at the Willow Creek Course in no more than 4 hours 15 minutes, and at the Emerywood Course 3 hours and 45 minutes when carts are not restricted to the cart path.
  • Personal Pull carts are not permitted at Willow Creek, but may be rented from the club for use on the Golf Course.
  • Personal Pull carts are permitted at Emerywood.
  • The golf course superintendent shall determine when to close either golf course due to inclement weather conditions.
  • The golf course superintendent shall determine when to restrict golf carts to the cart paths. When golf carts are permitted to leave the cart paths, golfers shall obey the 90 degree rule.
  • During periods of light play, groups of more than four golfers may be permitted with the permission of the golf professional.
  • All groups of more than four golfers shall permit any faster players to play through.
  • Players are encouraged to seek appropriate shelter when evidence of dangerous weather conditions exists.
  • Practice

  • All practice shall be limited to those designated areas designed and constructed for practice, which are the practice range at Willow Creek, the short game facility and the practice putting greens at Willow Creek. No other areas are designated for practice.
  • Chipping and pitching are not permitted on the putting green at Willow Creek. Practice is not permitted on the golf course at either location by members or guests.
  • When available, golfers shall use only range balls provided by the club. When range balls are not available a member, with permission of the golf professional, may use his own balls for practice on the practice range only. Range balls shall not be removed from designated practice areas.
  • The hours of operation for each practice range shall be established by the Golf Professional and Golf Committee.

  • The Driving Range at Willow Creek is equipped with new Synthetic Turf on the back of the range tee so that during certain conditions you have the best surface to practice your shots. The turf has a grassy rough area for iron shots and also an area for you to tee your golf balls up at any height. This is a great surface to not only practice on during the winter months but also offer you a soft and safe surface to practice on during wet conditions.
  • The Short Game Facility, located on the northwest side of the clubhouse just behind the 9th green, is available for you to practice all types of shots from 90 yards and shorter.
  • The Practice Green beside the 1st Tee at Willow Creek is for chipping and putting.
  • The Putting Green, located on the south side of the clubhouse, is over 10,000 square feet in size is for Putting Only! No Chipping is allowed to this Green.
  • Golf Cart Rules

    In addition to the printed rules located in each golf cart, golfers shall observe the following rules:

  • No more than two people and two golf bags (unless a 4-bag attachment is used on the cart) will be permitted on a golf cart.
  • Golf carts must be operated by persons at least 16 years of age and having a valid driver’s license.
  • Golf carts shall not be driven on the practice tee at Willow Creek.
  • Golf carts shall not be driven through standing water, wet areas, within ten yards of bunkers (sand traps), tees, or inside the green posts placed short of the green at either golf course.
  • Golf carts must remain on cart paths on all Par 3’s.
  • Directional signs and ropes shall be obeyed.
  • Golf cart operators shall be responsible for all damage to carts or property due to negligence in operations.
  • During the summer months, all carts are to be back to both pro shops by 8:30 PM.
  • Cell Phones

    Cellular phones may be used in the locker rooms and on the golf course in emergency situations. Note: It is recognized that there are situations when a cellular telephone can be used without disturbing other members; however, these phones should be used sparingly so as not to disturb fellow golfers.

    The use of cellular phones in the practice areas (driving range, chipping green and putting greens) is prohibited. Please turn the phone to a vibration ring when in these areas and leave the immediate area if you need to answer the call.

    Dress Code


  • Shirts with collars or golf specific attire must be worn at all times.
  • Mock Turtlenecks (short sleeve or long sleeve) must have a collar. Shorts may be worn but should be Bermuda style and of acceptable length (within 4 inches of the knee).
  • Denim jeans and/or shorts, athletic shorts, “cut-offs”, tennis shorts, etc. are not considered appropriate attire for the golf course and practice areas.
  • Shirttails shall be tucked in unless designed to be worn out and hats/visors are to be worn with the bill front facing.


  • Shorts, skirts, knickers or slacks are to be designed for golf and in good taste.
  • Fashion tops without collars and sleeveless tops may be worn if they are considered tasteful golf appropriate.
  • Denim jeans and/or shorts, tank tops, halter tops, T-shirts, cut-off shorts and short shorts may not be worn.

  • Juniors: (Age 10 and under)

  • Tee shirts may be worn. Denim jeans and/or shorts, tank tops, sweatpants, swim suits, and other athletic shorts are not appropriate.
  • Shirttails are to be worn tucked in unless designed to be worn out. Hats/visors are to be worn with the bill forward facing.
  • All of the above guidelines are at the discretion of the Golf Professional.

    Non-Metal spiked golf shoes or tennis shoes must be worn. Other footwear is prohibited. Golfers should utilize the locker rooms for changing attire and shoes.

    The above Dress Code applies to the Golf Course and all Practice Areas.

    Care of Course and Grounds

  • Both Willow Creek and Emerywood are non-metal spike facilities at all times.
  • All golfers shall repair all ball marks on the greens and rake bunkers after use. Place rake in bunker after use.
  • No vehicles, other than authorized golf carts and maintenance equipment, are permitted on the golf courses or cart paths. This includes bicycles and personally owned motorized vehicles including golf carts.
  • Jogging or walking on either golf course or the cart paths is prohibited during golfing hours 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM.
  • Fishing on the golf course is prohibited during golf hours.
  • Swimming in golf course lakes is strictly prohibited at all times.
  • Un-attended dogs are not permitted on either golf course property. No dogs are allowed on either Golf Course during Golfing Hours whether they are leashed or unleashed. Any owner who brings their dog onto the Golf Course Property is responsible for any clean-up that is needed for their dog.
  • Enforcement of Rules

    The Golf Professional, the Golf Committee, the Golf Course Superintendent, and the Greens Committee shall be charged with the responsibility for informing and advising members of these rules. Appropriate fines and other disciplinary action shall be taken against any person who violates these rules by the Board of Directors.

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