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Terri Erwin

Group Fitness Instructor

photo of  Terri Erwin

Terri took her first yoga class in 2008 and found passion in heated vinyasa and the silence she found when allowing her body to move to her own breath’s rhythm. She eventually discovered yin and enjoys the quiet daily yin practice of her own in addition to power vinyasa. The ability to calm the mind and body through breathing is a practice she carries with her throughout her day.

Terri has continued to study the benefits of the practice of yoga on spirit, body, and mind. She has studied grief yoga and the benefits of yoga for those suffering from anxiety/depression, as well as studying in depth the practice of stillness and quiet in our daily lives. She believes yoga is very much a spiritual practice as well as a helpful journey into the discovery of our true selves, dropping our egos, and surrendering to transformation; she also enjoys a power practice that develops body strength and flexibility. She believes in leading practice that allows practitioners to find their own spirit and flow while building balance and strength with minimal interruption from their own voices, thoughts, or agenda.

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